Private BalleT Coaching

with medhi Angot

Image: Guillaume Sudecki


Medhi’s training at the Paris Opera Ballet School developed his exceptional technique and discipline, and his experience dancing around the world has given him an in-depth understanding of the ballet industry.  He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with a new generation of dancers.

From beginners through to more experienced dancers, Medhi offers:

• Private ballet coaching
• Pas de deux coaching
• Variation and Repertoire coaching
• Preparation for competitions, auditions and exams

Private lessons are an opportunity for students to receive coaching that is specifically tailored to their needs. Every dancer is different, and this individualised approach is the most effective way to develop and perfect their technique and performance, allowing them to reach their full potential.

“I know what it takes to find success in what can be a difficult industry. Seeing my students develop as dancers is incredibly rewarding and is what drives me to give them my absolute best.”


Medhi Angot performing a Grand Jeté
A ballet dancer standing in front of a palace. A colleague of Medhi Angot Ballet Coach


30 min private coaching: $60*
1H private coaching: $120*
1H30 private coaching: $180*

*Prices exclude studio space rent costs.

Studio rent is $20 per hr


Head and shoulders photo of ballet dancer Medhi Angot


Born in France, Medhi grew up in Brittany where he took his first ballet class with Chantal Bieber in a small town called Lamballe. In 1995, he auditioned for the Paris Opera Ballet School and was selected by Claude Bessy to join the school full-time, where he studied until he completed his training at age 17.



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Medhi Angot dancing with female ballet dancer. High kicks
Medhi Angot coaching young ballet dancer wearing points
Medhi teaching a female student correct positions for Attitude
Medhi Angot supporting female ballet dancer during performance



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